Four (4) years ago, I thought I could continue to serve
you, the citizens of Terrebonne Parish, on a much broader
basis, as your Parish President. I wanted to work with government at all levels (local, state and federal) to try and improve our levee systems, hurricane protection efforts, utilities, and to make parish government more responsive to our citizens. I did not get that opportunity, and I respect the voters' decision.

Despite that election, I never lost the desire for public service to this parish and its people. Helping others has always been important to me, especially those who truly need assistance. During the recent months, many of you have asked me to consider entering public life again. Now, with the decision of our Sheriff to retire, I have decided to ask you, the voters of Terrebonne Parish, to allow me the opportunity to once again serve as your Sheriff.

For thirty-two (32) years, twenty-two (22) as your Sheriff, I have served as a law enforcement officer in Terrebonne Parish. I know now that it is in the field of law enforcement that I can best direct my efforts to serve the people of Terrebonne Parish and help our parish grow and prosper. I want to continue to expand upon my past efforts and make Terrebonne Parish a safe and good place to live, work, and raise our children.

My record in helping our school system, the elderly, parish government, and partnering with local, state, and federal agencies to fight crime, will be continued under my administration. Programs and departments that I began as your Sheriff such as a full-time Water Patrol Division, a full-time Narcotics Division, a full-time K-9 Division, the D.A.R.E. Program, School Resource Officers, Meals for the Elderly, and the Information Technology Department are but a few of the programs and divisions I began. Those programs and divisions will continue and be strengthened and improved upon by me as your next Sheriff.

I also have to point out that the inmate work program I began and which has saved the taxpayers of this parish millions of dollars, will be continued and expanded. That program has benefited our schools, parish government and churches, and charitable organizations so that their funds can better serve our families and this parish.

I will work hard to ensure that events such as Mardi Gras and Parish festivals, which are so important to our culture and economy, will be successful, fun, and safe for all. And, most importantly, I will make sure that the Sheriff's Office works hand in hand with all law enforcement agencies, firemen, volunteers and all government entities as hurricanes and other natural disasters threaten our community. As Sheriff, that is my duty and I know that is what you, the citizens of Terrebonne expect of me. However, such efforts come at a cost. The economic problems that face our country, state and parish are very serious. The BP/Deepwater Horizon disaster continues to impact our parish and state and will for many more years. That means all of us, particularly government, must tighten our belt and make sure our tax dollars are spent wisely. As Sheriff, I have shown I know how to manage a budget and, will make the Sheriff's Office live within its means. That is a fiduciary responsibility I take very seriously and owe to all of you as citizens of this parish.

I ask that you judge me by my past service and accomplishments as your Sheriff. I ask that you remember I was always there for you. And, I ask that you allow me to again serve and protect you as the next Sheriff of Terrebonne Parish.



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